Basic Image Metadata Editor

BIME is a simple application tool that displays and edits basic EXIF metadata


EXIF Information

Edit simple EXIF Metadata information, such as Title, Artist and Copyright data for digital images, including JPG, PNG and other supported formats.

Long Description

This application also supports editing the long description of the image file.

Image Preview

Preview the image in its full size.

Simple and Efficient

A fast and easy way to edit the most used metadata of an image… in two steps!

Step 1: Select Image

Select your image via the Windows file manager.

Step 2: Edit Data

Just 4 fields to edit and you’re done.


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Free Free Free!

Simple and Efficient

Full Image Preview

4 Editable Fields

Includes Long Description Field

Basic Image Metadata Editor (BIME)
Basic Image Metadata Editor (BIME)


Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 

Size: 110 KB
Version: v1.0.69 (Revision: 1001)

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